RRCO Has a Board Member Election on March 14th!!

Do you want to help improve and protect the livability of the River Road neighborhood? • Do you want to stay informed about activities and decisions affecting the neighborhood? • Do you want a say on policies and decisions that affect the neighborhood? • Do you want to work collaboratively with other concerned neighbors? RRCO is actively recruiting RRCO members in good standing who are interested in serving on the RRCO Board. The March election is an opportunity to increase the diversity of the board. We want people who care about our neighborhood!
Time to put your name in the hat! If you are a member in good standing and want to run for the Board:

Step 1: Please review our mission and charter at https://riverroadco.org/about-rrco/ and the board member job description at https://tinyurl.com/boardjob The job description is here 

Step 2: Please complete and submit an application https://forms.gle/y14ZtjvNYz6cz3T16

Step 3: Candidates will be invited to the February 21st Board meeting.

About the RRCO Executive Board: Nominations and election of Executive Board members are held at the General Membership meeting in March of each year. There is a total of nine RRCO Board members. Board members serve staggered two-year terms, so this March 14th, four of the nine positions will be voted on.
Becoming an RRCO Member in Good Standing: River Road residents, property owners or per sons who operate businesses in River Road may become RRCO members, if they are 18 years old or older. To be a “Member in Good Standing” and, therefore, be able to vote in an RRCO election or run for a Executive Board position, a member must have attended at least one prior General Membership meeting or Executive Board meeting within the immediate preceding 12 months.
If you meet the basic eligibility requirements to become a member, but are not yet an RRCO member, there is still time to become a member in time to vote in the March 14, 2022 board member election. You will need to attend either our February 14th General Membership meeting or our February 21st Executive Board Meeting. There you will be asked to sign-in by using a private Zoom chat message with your name, address, phone number and email address. This process will be explained at the meeting. Your personal information will not be made public.
(Of course, new RRCO attendees may attend membership and board meetings and sign-in to become a new member or renew their membership at any time throughout the year!)

If you have any questions, email Cochair@Riverroadco.org.