Emergency Preparedness Team
Neighbors helping neighbors to grow an informed, prepared, and resilient community.

During an emergency or natural disaster, first responders may not be able to assist our neighborhood right away. You and your neighbors may become your own first responders. Do you have the supplies and skills to evacuate or shelter in your home?

Visit our Emergency Preparedness page for more information.

Social Justice Committee
This committee supports a healthy, safe, and inclusive River Road community. We organize to promote community wide understanding, outreach, and targeted actions in response to different types of oppressive or prejudiced behaviors that negatively impact our community. We work to implement neighborhood plan goal 15.1 Promote a welcoming environment and inclusive approach to the work of the Community Organizations (and associated action items).

The Social Justice Committee meets monthly on the second Wednesday, via Zoom. For more information please contact

Neighborhood Plan
Ongoing collaboration with the city to help point River Road in a healthy direction as it evolves for the next 20 and more years in terms of land use, transportation, open space and parks, and community.

North Eugene Unhoused and Affordable Housing Committee
Works with individuals, the city of Eugene, and other organizations to address homelessness.

Green and Resilient Lifestyles
There are many projects and properties in River Road that model resilient living such as grass to garden, rainwater catchment, edible landscaping, solar, natural building, adopted locations in the Greenway and much more. This committee focused on promoting resilient lifestyles, permaculture and reducing eco footprints.

For more information, visit or contact Jan Spencer at

Greenway Projects In The River Road Neighborhood (PDF Slideshow – 10mb)

Land Use
Keeps up with proposed development in River Road and how to protect the character and well being of the neighborhood. See our detail page for more info.

Communications and Outreach
Connecting RRCO with the neighborhood and the wider world.