Public Safety


Rough look at EPD calls 2015
It is difficult to compare to other neighborhoods because of incomplete data. The numbers below do not include the neighborhood south of Park or west of Grove and Emerald Park or calls to Sheriff.

  • 171 property crimes (16 bikes)
  • 61 crimes against persons  (18 sexual)
  • 41 auto related
  • 36 drugs and DUII
  • 25 behavioral problems
  • 6 animal related
  • 5 weapons violations
  • 44 warrants

You can see interactive map of Eugene PD calls

You can see the map of Sheriff’s calls

Who you gonna call?

  • In an emergency, call 911.  They will sort out which department to call.  The EPD and Sheriff’s office back each other up.
  • Eugene Police Department Officer Jeremy Greene invites community support to address neighborhood criminal activity. You can contact him at to report concerns.
  • EPD’s Crime Prevention Specialist for the River Road area is Margaret Mazzotta (541-682-5761).  
  • Additional crime prevention information is available on EPD’s website at:

Carleen Reilly sends out a neighborhood crime notification of incidents via email. To get on the list, email her at: carleenr |at| gmail dot com.

Lane County Sheriff Office Services

Sargent Carrie Carver at 541-682-4179.

City Services

  • Trespass Letter Program
    The Eugene Police Department maintains a “Trespass Letter of Consent” Program to assist business and property owners in handling trespass issues. For more information contact Harlow Meno at 541-682-5642
  • Rental Property Program contact Harlow Meno at 541-682-5642
    This program is for rental property owners and managers. This program was developed to assist owners/managers of rental properties with problem tenants, aid in making managers more aware of activity on or around their properties, reduce police calls for service to certain locations and build a stronger relationship between law enforcement and the rental community. 
  • Home Security Inspections Margaret Mazzotta (541-682-5761).
    The Eugene Police Department offers free “Home Security Surveys” to Eugene residents. During the inspection, a Crime Prevention Specialist will come to your home and offer suggestions to improve security.
  • Group Presentations / Private Consultations
    The Crime Prevention Unit can provide group presentations or answer individual questions regarding burglary prevention. If the group is area-based, (neighborhood, apartment complex, mobile home park, etc.), please contact t Crime Prevention Specialist Margaret Mazzotta (541-682-5761). If the group is NOT area-based, (workplace, church, club, etc.), please contact Program Manager Debbie Janecek 541-682-2746.
  • Home Vacation Check Program to sign-up, call (541) 682-2746.
    Seniors on Patrol, a uniformed EPD volunteer group, will provide additional patrol around your home while you are gone on vacation.
  • Property Inventory
    If you are the victim of a burglary, it is very important that you are able to provide a detailed description of your property. If your property is recovered, the likelihood of the property being returned to you is significantly increased if detailed information is in the report. Property inventories can be as simple as listing the items and descriptions on a piece of paper, but if you would prefer, EPD offers a form you can use to assist you. The form can be found online at
    Individuals who would appreciate more assistance in recording this information, our Seniors on Patrol volunteer team will come to your home and assist you with the process. For additional information about this program, contact Program Manager Debbie Janecek at 541-682-2746.

Lane County Sheriff Office Services.

Home Security Program
The Home Security Program is comprised of volunteers who have been trained to provide individual assessments to make your home or business more secure with low or no cost measures. Upon request, a team of two volunteers can come to your home and look at lighting, landscaping, sight lines, and much more to help you make your property less vulnerable to crime. To learn more about this program, contact the Crime Prevention Team at 541-682-4296.

Speed Trailer
The Sheriff’s Office operates a speed trailer aimed at reducing speeds on county roads to decrease traffic crashes and fatalities. The trailer posts the speed limit for the area and a digital display of the passing motorist’s speed. The speed trailer can be placed in your neighborhood by contacting Sergeant Carrie Carver at 541-682-4179.

Neighborhood Watch
If at least one house is in the city, your neighborhood watch group will be supported by EPD
Our City is built on the strength of our citizens.  Everyday, citizens encounter situations calling upon them to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement.  Not only does Neighborhood Watch (or Apartment Watch) allow citizens to help in the fight against crime, it is also an opportunity for communities to bond through service.  The Neighborhood Watch Program draws upon the compassion of average citizens, asking them to lend their neighbors a hand. If you would like assistance in establishing a Neighborhood Watch Group, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Margaret Mazzotta (541) 682-5761

Lane County Neighborhood Watch Program
The Sheriff’s Office is an active participant in the Neighborhood Watch Program. There are currently 28 active Neighborhood Watch groups in unincorporated Lane County that receive guidance and support from the Sheriff’s Office in their efforts to observe and report crime in their neighborhoods. We work with neighbors to provide information on crime prevention and how to decrease chances of becoming a crime victim through proactive measures. To learn more about Neighborhood Watch, please contact Sergeant Carrie Carver at 541-682-4179

Problems in Eugene West Bank Park 
Status: POS staff does a regular weekly patrol of the park to identify and deal with issues including homeless campers.  They prioritize responding to issues reported to 682-4800 and the web Park Watch application. They also check the sites known to be likely camping sites.

They assign major clean-up tasks to the Sheriff’s Work Crew.  If the Crew discovers that campers are still there, they inform POS and they follow up with a police courtesy call. If they don’t leave then, the police have to go through the process of removing them; this can take a week or two which is the weak link in the process.  Currently there is no police officer assigned to this task and higher priority police activities can delay things.

What you can do
Use the Park Watch application (—Report-A-Safety-Issue ) on your PC or Smartphone to report issues.  Options include Illegal Camping, Drug Deals or Drug Use, Graffiti, Public Urination, Theft, Trash, Garbage, Debris in Park, Vandalism, etc.) Then enter the location (West Bank) This allows you  to drag a marker to the exact location and then enter a description and your contact information) with the option of requesting that it be kept confidential.
Alternately, you can call their phone line: 682-4800.