River Celebration this Saturday!

Celebrate the River and our Neighborhood! 

Highlights of the day 3 centers of activity along the west bank path starting at noon
Merry Lane (just north of the duck pond)
Yoga, Edgu, Ecstatic dance, Sacred dance, drumming

Stultz Ave/McClure 
River Road Community Organization
North Eugene Ready Disaster Preparedness
Plastics Recycling
Community Sing
Conversations with authors
Apple Press (bring apples and jugs)
River Road Recreation Center(with Popcorn machine).
Bicycle repair
Permaculture education
Food preservation
Corn Hole with prizes from community businesses
Trash pickup relay race
Crafts and rock painting

Rasor Park
Childrens’ activities all day – art and hands-on science
Native plants give away
Bee hive demo and honey tasting
Seed library
Produce share table
This is Kayapula land
Willamette River Keepers

4 pm closing drums and appreciations
Stultz Ave/McClure

OpEd on Stadium – NO!

This is the personal opinion of one board member.

Dear city government –

I understand you are debating whether to finance a stadium facility for the Ems, although I wasn’t able to see any documentation about this transaction on the COE website. Some argue that supporting sports franchises helps the community and are culturally valuable institutions. However, this franchise would siphon local money out of our community into the pockets of the Elmore Sports Group, Ltd.which has no real stake in our resilience and sustainability.

When I worked on my PhD in Urban Studies, I came across  academic research that shows no benefit to city economic development. For example:

Across the nation, franchises have argued that building a new stadium will lead to economic development in the form of increased incomes, jobs and tax revenues. However, the preponderance of academic research has disputed these claims. This article looks at the benefits and costs of building a stadium and discusses why the economic development argument has failed to stand up to academic scrutiny. Stadium seeking franchises are now shying away from making economic development claims in light of the strong research findings. Franchises are able to make quality of life arguments and, given the monopoly power of the major sports leagues, cities are responding by competing for a limited number of franchises by offering to fund stadiums.”  (https://gardner.utah.edu/_documents/publications/finance-tax/pp-funding-sports-stadiums.pdf).

Given the current budget woes of the city and county, there is no justification for turning over resources to a private, profit-making corporation.  What is the ROI? Would the city see tax revenues for the owner’s profits? How long would it take to refill the coffers? Can you make an economic argument to your constituents?

I think a comparable investment in a cooperative enterprise incubator would be far more generative economically, socially and culturally.

Sincerely, Clare Strawn, PhD

River Celebration September 9

Are You Ready for the River Celebration? On Saturday, September 9 the whole neighborhood is invited to celebrate our favorite landmark and the many talents and assets of our community. Walk or ride your bike to the west bank path between the duck pond at  Merry and Rasor park between noon and 4 pm. There are over 24 activities confirmed so far.
Got apples?  Bring them and a jar for cider for the apple press.
Too many zucchinis?  Bring them to the garden trade table.
Got poems or stories? Share them at the spoken work circle
Got songs?  Join the song circle.
Want to learn about native plants, honey bees, permaculture, and the seed library?
Bring your drum for the drum circle and get ready to dance with the trees.

RRCO and SCCO invites community to respond to antisemitism with love.

Anti-Semetic propaganda is being distribute in River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods.

Our communities are responding
Communities respond to hate with love – join us Sunday, Feb. 26, at 2 pm for a neighborhood gathering and community canvass near Santa Clara in a show of love and unity after finding antisemitic hate flyers in our neighborhood. For all of our safety, RSVP on the link to receive the location and further details:

What to expect: Representatives of the Social Justice Committees of both Santa Clara and River Road Community Organizations* will host a short gathering to talk about what happened, practice talking to our neighbors about antisemitism and how we can overcome hate with unity, then divide into pairs to knock on doors and leave positive information for neighbors impacted by recent hate activity. Rain or shine! Wear weather-appropriate clothes/shoes, bring water, a snack, and a bag or backpack to carry your flyers.

For all of our safety, please do not share the location of this event (to be announced after you RSVP) or post the location information publicly or on social media, but you may invite known, trusted friends and family to join us and ask them to RSVP here:

*Cosponsored also by Springfield-Eugene Showing Up for Racial Justice and Community Alliance of Lane County. RSVPs will go to the 4 event organizers to respond.

PS. We also have other activities for those who do not want to or cannot canvass. Let’s have a big turnout as we did for the paintball incident a couple of years ago.

If you would like to be part of this effort and other work of the Social Justice Committee please send us a note at rrco_social_justice@riverroadco.org

Testify on the Willamette Greenway Code Amendment Hearing

Information for 1/10/2023 Eugene Planning Commission Willamette River Greenway Code Amendments hearing

(This document was prepared by members of the River Road Community Organization Willamette Greenway Advisory Committee and can be found at https://tinyurl.com/Willamette-greenway-Guide

The following information about the Eugene Planning Commission’s Public Hearing on Willamette River Greenway Code Amendments to be held on Tuesday January 10, 2023 at 5:30 PM. is provided by members of the RRCO.  This is a rare opportunity to have your concerns and suggestions heard.

If adopted there will be two tracks an applicant can choose to obtain a Willamette Greenway Permit for development within the Willamette Greenway Zone.  The existing discretionary path has proven to be ineffective because the criteria for approval are often stated to be “to the maximum extent practicable” which Hearings Officials find themselves unable to interpret. The code proposed here intends to add a second Clear and Objective Path for which compliance is intended to be easily determined. When an applicant is proposing to develop housing on a parcel, they choose which path they want to be used to have their application evaluated. 

The criteria for the discretionary path can be found at 9.8815 and the criteria for the Clear and Objective Path can be found at 9.8812 in the proposed code.     

Notable Key Points identified for possible testimony (written and/or oral). Specific proposed code references are included at the end of points for those who want to review the specific proposal language and/or to include them in your testimony if desired.

  1. Planning Commission is unaware that this process is the venue for deliberating and developing proposed code to implement the Draft Neighborhood Plans goals etc. therefore either extend this hearing or commit to holding another hearing once that work is done. Therefore, we request that The Greenway goals from the Draft RR/SC Neighborhood Plan will be evaluated by the Eugene Planning Commission and appropriate revisions will be incorporated into the WRG Clear and Objective code amendments. For example, consider the proposed code amendments that are intended to preserve the natural ambiance of the Willamette River Greenway. One addition could be to reduce allowed heights for C-2, C-3, G-0, R-2, R-3 and R-4 for the Willamette Greenway Zone within the boundaries of the River Road Community Organization.   
  • Willamette River Greenway Tree Preservation Zones 1, 2, & 3 when located on public land should be required to only be planted with species native to the western United States.         ( Exhibit F to Ordinance No. 2035 part 2) as required in the 10-foot native plant landscape buffer zone immediately outside the Willamette River Greenway Setback

Preserved Tree Preservation code is found at 9.6885 (2)(d)(5)   

  • The 10-foot width and the L-2 standards for the 10-foot native plant landscape buffer zone immediately outside the Willamette River Greenway Setback are inadequate. Increase width to 20 ft and use the High Screen Landscape Standard (L-3).  Additionally, this buffer should be required only for lots located immediately adjacent to parklands.     

Proposed Code: 9.8812(3)(a)

Our concern is that the majority of the tree preservation zones primarily lie within Eugene Park land and while admirable, they provide less than anticipated benefit to Eugene’s tree canopy.

Hearing Relevant links:

Oregon Land Use Goal 15 Willamette Greenway links:

Oregon Land Use Goal 5 Natural Resources, Scenic and Historic Areas, and Open Spaces links:

How to testify:  

            To provide written testimony, send an email to:  greenwaytestimony@eugene-or.gov

To provide oral testimony during the Public Hearing: join using one of the two following options:

1. Join on your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Visit: https://eugene-or-gov.zoom.us/j/88568352100

Sign up to speak by clicking once on the “raise hand” icon

2. Join on your phone:

Dial one of the below numbers and enter the Webinar ID: 885 6835 2100

+1 833-548-0276 (Toll Free); or

+1 833-548-0282 (Toll Free); or

+1 877-853-5257 (Toll Free); or

+1 888-475-4499 (Toll Free);

For higher quality, dial a number based on your current location.

International numbers available: https://eugene-or-gov.zoom.us/u/kbEgyMKe59

Sign up to speak by dialing *9 (Star-9)

How to watch: To watch a webcast of the meeting live visit: https://www.eugene-or.gov/2109/Planning-Commission-Webcasts

Appendix A References to Public Paths



3. Use Management Considerations and Requirements.

c. Access — Adequate public access to the river shall be provided for, with emphasis on urban and urbanizable areas,


3. Greenway Compatibility Review:

b. The review of intensification, changes of use and developments as authorized by the Comprehensive Plan and zoning ordinance to insure their compatibility with the Greenway statutes and to insure that the best possible appearance, landscaping and public access are provided.

(2) Necessary public access will be provided to and along the river by appropriate legal means;

Existing Willamette Greenway Permit Code Language

9.8815(2) To the greatest possible degree, necessary and adequate public access will be provided along the Willamette River by appropriate legal means. 

Link to this PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zp84l9IgW4CbJnstFJ2BI2O3ojWEczXK/view?usp=sharing

Report on Zip-O Noise Pollution and Public Hearing

KEPW has published a news article about the Zip-O-Laminator noise pollution situation and the upcoming Eugene City Council public hearing on November 21st at 5:30pm. It’s running on the radio this week and can be streamed here as well.

Below is a flier being passed around the neighborhood to help get folks to show up at the upcoming public hearing. This is what folks being awakened at 4am have been working towards. This is our most important opportunity so far to put a stop to it.

RRCO Has a THREE Board positions open NOW!

Do you want to help improve and protect the livability of the River Road neighborhood? • Do you want to stay informed about activities and decisions affecting the neighborhood? • Do you want a say on policies and decisions that affect the neighborhood? • Do you want to work collaboratively with other concerned neighbors? RRCO is actively recruiting RRCO members in good standing who are interested in serving on the RRCO Board. We want people who care about our neighborhood! The three open positions are replacing members who are moving away or retiring. Replacements will be appointed by the board and affirmed at the August General Meeting.
If you are a member in good standing and want to be considered for appointment take these steps.

Step 1: Please review our mission and charter at https://riverroadco.org/about-rrco/ and the board member job description at https://tinyurl.com/boardjob The job description is here 

Step 2: Please complete and submit an application https://forms.gle/y14ZtjvNYz6cz3T16

Step 3: Candidates will be invited to the July 18th Board meeting.

River Road residents, renters or property owners, or persons who operate businesses in River Road may become RRCO members, if they are 18 years old or older. To be a “Member in Good Standing” and, therefore, be able to vote in an RRCO election or run for a Executive Board position, a member must have attended at least one prior General Membership meeting or Executive Board meeting within the immediate preceding 12 months.
(Of course, new RRCO attendees may attend membership and board meetings and sign-in to become a new member or renew their membership at any time throughout the year!)

If you have any questions, email Cochair@Riverroadco.org.