Welcome to The River Road Neighborhood


The River Road Community Organization (RRCO) is the official neighborhood association for the River Road neighborhood and involves and represents neighbors to increase the quality of life in our corner of the city.

  • Facilitating civic empowerment in decisions affecting our neighborhood. We work with city and county agencies on development and planning. We provide forums to identify, discuss and resolve neighborhood issues and meet with candidates.
  • Fostering rich social networks and relationships among neighbors. We host regular social events, encourage neighbors to volunteer in the neighborhood, and participate in work parties.
  • Moving towards a more resilient neighborhood. We collaborate with the city and other non profits to enhance public space and restore the natural world. We encourage producing more basic needs where we live such as food, energy and water.
  • The Board of Directors of River Road Community Organization stands in support of Black lives in our community and in solidarity with the fight for equality and justice for communities of color. We want to express to our membership that we stand against racial discrimination and police brutality. It is our goal as a neighborhood organization to ensure all our members feel safe and welcome here.
  • You will also find us on Facebook and can watch recorded meetings on our YouTube channel.

RRCO Lawn Sign

RRCO lawn signs are available. Contact us if you live in River Road and would like one!

News & Updates

The Neighborhood Plan has been approved. Now on to using it to improve our Neighborhoods!

On April 22 the Eugene City Council approved the Neighborhood Plan 8-0, and the Code Amendments (with the removal of River Avenue) 7-1. The video of the City Council deliberation can be found HERE (10:36 to 24:00).  The Council also unanimously passed an additional motion for the Council to hold separate work sessions before 1/1/25 …

LTD revises River Road Proposal for Moving Ahead

After further analysis LTD staff is proposing that the Eugene City Council and the LTD Board of directors consider re-designating the Locally Preferred Alternative for River Road from EmX to Enhanced Corridor after legal staffs have determined the process for amending that designation.   Should the re-designation take place, LTD will provide the City of Eugene …


The River Road -Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan and Code Amendments (Summary by Jon Belcher) Councilors present: Leech, Yeh, Zelenka, Semple, Groves, Clark, Evans, Mayor Vinis absent: Keating, Commissioners: Ceniga, Buch, Farr, Lovall, & Trieger Link to Agenda and Video timeline: Staff presentation and formalities: (6:30à16:10) Testifiers Bill Kloos (Start at 16:20) Representing Action Rental on …