About Our Organization

The River Road Community Organization (RRCO) is an official neighborhood association that supports the River Road area within Eugene, Oregon in Lane County.  The River Road neighborhood is roughly bound by the Beltline Highway (Route 569) on the North, Northwest Highway on the west and the Willamette River on the east. See the map below.

Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be responsible for making decisions and taking action on behalf of the general membership on all matters concerning the public good and welfare of members.

Board Members

  • Clare Strawn – co-chair
  • Jon Belcher – co-chair
  • Carly Sylva-Gabrielson
  • Charlsey Cartwright
  • Dan Isaacson
  • Jacque Wurster
  • Mysti Frost
  • Stefan Ostrach
  • Susan Kittleson

RRCO Charter Amendment

The RRCO Board of Directors is proposing to amend our Charter to separate it into a Charter whose contents requires approval by the City Council and Bylaws which can be amended by the Neighbors. This proposal will be reviewed at the February 8th RRCO General Meeting and scheduled to be voted on at the March 8th General Meeting. If approved it will be submitted to the City for review and eventual approval by the City Council.
The following documents will help you understand the proposal, review the current charter and the proposed new charter and bylaws. Please check them out and if you have questions or comments please send them to cochair@riverroadco.org. And please attend the February meeting and join us in discussing the proposal.

New Charter Revision Explained
Current RRCO Charter

Proposed RRCO Bylaws

Proposed RRCO Charter

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