RRCO April 10 meeting is HYBRID – Zoom and LIVE !

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Community Meeting April 10 at 7
Hybrid meeting-  In person at 1055 River Rd. or on ZOOM


Meeting ID: 846 6248 8247 Passcode: RRCO-Gen

Elections: City Council 4J School Board and Levies.

At the March 10th RRCO General Meeting we will cover the Eugene Ward 7 candidates, 4J School Board candidates, Lane County Public Safety Levy and Eugene Parks Levy in that order.  We will give each of the participating candidates up to three minutes to speak about themself and their candidacy followed by Q&A with each of the candidates. A spokesperson for the county public safety levy has been invited and the Healing Not Handcuffs coalition will offer an alternate perspective.
The audience will be invited to write their questions for the candidates on cards and in the chat.  These will be collected and vetted by a two neutral board members and asked by that team. Candidates will have up to one minute to respond to each question.
As usual, we expect everyone to be neighborly and courteous to our guests and to the agenda.

Here is the outline of our General Meeting:

  • The participating candidates for Ward 7 City Council will randomly take turns speaking for up to three minutes about themselves and their candidacy. Then the candidates will have up to one minute to respond to each questions from the audience.
  • The same process will be followed by up to three minutes each for the participating candidates for 4J School Board positions.
  • We then will have a proponent and opponent of the County Public Safety Levy each spend up to 3 minutes to discuss their position on the levy
  • Finally we have asked a Lane County League of Women Voters to give us a non-partisan explanation of the Eugene Parks levy.