RR Rec Center Hosts Propagation Fair And Teach-In

Neighborhood Planning Teach-In Coordinates With the Propagation Fair

The Teach-In that will describe many aspects of the River Road Santa Clara Neighborhood Planning Process [NPP].  The Planning Process, a partnership with the city of Eugene, is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for neighborhood residents to help influence how River Road and Santa Clara evolve into the future.
Issues and topics will include land use, economic development, open space, transportation, resilience, public participation and much more.  
Many of us would like to see a more green and sustainable River Road.  Important to know, city planning goals found in Envision Eugene, include many references to walkable neighborhoods, encouraging alternatives to automobiles, local economic development, restoration of natural habitat, addressing climate change and much more. The eventual “refinement plan” that will guide how the neighborhoods evolve can encourage and provide incentives for green and resilient outcomes. 
The Teach-In will touch on several important topics such as home produced food, energy and water along with “missing middle” housing. The Teach-In will feature eco-friendly storm water management, mindful economic development, preparedness and how people in RR and SC can help make the Neighborhood Planning Process a success.
There will also be posters [some free for the taking] and graphics about all these topics with people on hand to help explain their meaning. The Teach-In is an important educational event that can empower participants to know more how to help make their lives at home, neighborhood and community more green and resilient.
River Road is privileged to have a Propagation Fair and Seed Swap right here at our very own Rec Center on Lake Drive. The Rec Center helps bring about yet another important public event!
The Prop Fair and Seed Swap will be Saturday, April 7 from 1 to 4 PM, Its free.  There will be hundreds of varieties of fruit tree scions [first year shoots], from pear, apple, peach trees. Other trees, too like figs, apricots and more.  Root stock costs $2.  You choose your scion, all nicely labeled, and experts will graft your scion onto the root stock of your choice – dwarf, semi dwarf, full size.  Take them home, plant, harvest, produce more food where you live!
There will also be all kinds of veggie and herb seeds to browse and take home.  Bring seeds you have to swap, but make sure they are accurately labeled. There will also be potted culinary and medicinal plants for sale, both annuals and perrenials. 
The Fair is fun, social and a volunteer effort. 
Contact Kevin to find out about volunteering. kevinrsprier@comcast.net