Rosetta Park Grand Opening July 23rd

From Jan:

*This is an update on the Rosetta Park Grand Opening*

Rosetta Park Grand Opening – Thursday, July 23, 5 PM to 7 +

Katie and I met with city staff and a representative from Northwest
Coalition for Alternative to Pesticides – NCAP – yesterday in the park.
It was a good meeting.

This will be quite an affair – a patron of NCAP has made a significant
amount of money available in support of Rosetta Park being a
pesticide/herbicide free,,

*The event will be catered*, yes, catered with finger food fron
Govinda’s. Nice!! We invite neighbors to bring a desert. *Also,
please bring your own service* – plates, utensils, something to drink
out of and chairs for you to sit on
We will have installed a couple colorful lady bug signs* that say
“pesticide free zone” or something similar

*The event will include a brief welcome and explanation* about the park
and why herbicide/pesticide free matters,,,,,

*There will be some games before and after* like 3 legged race, frisbee,
arts and crafts,,,, note – this is _not_ the rosetta park
neighborhood olympics, that is saturday, august 8

*We invite neighborhood musicians to come and play*, maybe starting at 5
and going up to 6 and afterwards as well, come and jam into the
evening! please contact me at

*We are looking to have a raffle as well*, if you would like to offer a
raffle item, please contact katie at
Postcard invites will be sent out* to homes within a half mile of the
park, we are expecting a crowd!

This will be a lot of fun, its a privilege to have a beautiful park
right here where we live and its great to help keep it nice. When we
have a good track record, its possible we can make some of our own
additions like a kiosk, maybe some landscaping,,,

The park looks really good, last week’s work party put us in great shape
and others have been doing work at other times also. I had a great
frisbee session in the park a couple days ago, its perfect!

*Kudos to the city and NCAP for all the effort they are putting into the
grand opening.

PS *Additional dates of interest in River Road,,,,,*
The Willamette Greenway Promenade* will be Sunday, July 19, 1 to 5
along the river bike path

*River Road Tour of Gardens and Green Properties* Satuday, July 25, meet
at Rosetta Park at 11
Perma Jam V,* Saturday, August 1 at 212 Benjamin [just 6 houses east of
Rosetta Park on Benjamin] 11 to 3, learn about suburban property

*Rosetta Park Neighborhood Olympics*, Saturday, August 8 3 PM into the
evening. Potluck at 6. Bring any kind of outdoor friendly game or
activity from croquet to checkers,,,,,,,

Please see our social networking web site for calendar and fotos of
n’hood activities, you can join, post events and comments, share fotos,
start a group,,,

Rosetta Park – City of Eugene’s Web Page

River Road Park’s Map

July 2008 letter from the City of Eugene- PDF document

ROS_update_letter_7 30 08.pdf