River Road Park District — Future at Stake!!

City Council meeting
Wednesday, July 23; 12:00
McNutt Room, City Hall; 777 Pearl Street

Please attend this meeting and show your support for the River Road Park District! Email your thoughts and concerns to mayorandcc@ci.eugene.or.us.

Discussion regarding possible financing from City Council, bridging budget gap, and viability of the future of the River Road Park District.

************************ACTION NOTE****************************

The Eugene City Council has five options to consider regarding financing the park district. At this time, the district will be unable to continue as an independent district without greater funding from the city (as established under an agreement when annexations began 20 years ago). There are five options being considered:

1. The City Council can choose to follow the current direction in the FY09 Budget to eliminate funding of the payment to the District in the FY10 Budget. (This option is the current situation.)

2. The City Council can choose to direct the City Manager to negotiate a new intergovernmental agreement with the District for the FY10 fiscal year to continue the current level of funding in order to provide access to services for City residents living in the original district boundaries.

3. The City Council can choose to direct the City Manager to prepare an FY10 budget which increases the amount provided to the District as requested by the District.

4. The City Council can choose to direct the City Manager to attempt to pursue negotiation of a transition agreement with the District whereby the park district operates the district under City of Eugene control until annexation occurs as suggested by the District.

5. The City Council can choose to direct the City Manager to develop a strategy, work plan and timeline for annexation of the entire River Road area including a recommendation on a transition plan for the District.”

The City Manager recommends eliminating the payment to the district in fiscal year 2010.

Your e-mails, letters and phone calls in support of the River Road Park District are critical!

If you would like to see a continuation of the district as an independent, neighborhood entity, please contact city council and/or the city manager (pso@ci.eugene.or.us), at 682-5010.

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