The Riverbank Path Promenade July 19th

News Release
What; The Riverbank Path Promenade aka The Prom

When; Sunday, July 19, 1 PM to 5 PM

Where; The Riverbank Path [the bike path] along the Willamette
River in River Road and Whiteaker Neighborhoods, Eugene. From
Copping Street in River Road at the north to Skinner Butte Park in the south. This area also part of the Willamette River Greenway

Contact; Jan Spencer, tel 686 6761

Prom committee; River Road Community Organization, Whiteaker
Community Council, GEARS Bike Club, City of Eugene
Purpose; To celebrate the bike path and to turn the bike path into a
three mile long mix and mingle piazza for the afternoon. To call
peoples’ attention to the important community sites along the
greenway such as community gardens, environmental restoration sites,
locations of neighborhood and historical interest.
There will be ten hosted sites along the bike path where people can learn about community gardens, eco restoration sites, points of historical and recreational significance and points of neighborhood significance
Residents of Eugene are invited to participate by biking, strolling,
playing music, show art work, socialize, share any interests they
have with others. The prom is a community show and tell.

Prom participants will be able to find out how they can volunteer
with both city programs and programs offered by local organizations
for help in parks, environmental restoration and with neighborhood

Deeper; Global trends in climate change, energy, foreign relations,
environment – suggest that communities will benefit by becoming
more resilient for taking care of more of thier needs closer to
where we live. The Prom will show that people can have a great time and be creative in a ways friendly to the environment, closer to home and to build community for a more ecological Eugene –
all at the same time.

Short Article About the Prom
The Riverbank Path Promenade Sunday, July 19 from 1 PM to 5 PM will
be a slightly different kind of Prom. Its the Riverbank Path Promenade. This exciting Sunday occasion will be a unique event along the River Bike Path and Greenway in River Road and Whiteaker Neighborhoods. The popular bike path will become a three mile long mix and mingle Piazza.

Imagine along the bike path people showing art work, playing music, doing tai chi or yoga, engaged in spontaneous performance with passers by welcome to join in. The community is invited to walk, bike, push strollers, skate, pik nik, hang out any way they care to.

Bike Path Attractions – There will also be information tables and
displays scattered along the path so people can learn about and
appreciate the good works that make this such a great bike path.
Check out environmental restoration projects, community gardens,
points of historical significance, recreation areas, neighborhood
projects and more.

There will be info tables with information about how people can find
volunteer opportunties with community organizations and the city so
they can add thier energies to eco restoration, keeping up our parks
and making Eugene even a better place to live.

The goal of the Prom is to have a free, local, participatory, low
impact, creative, positive occasion at an existing and accessible
public location. Times are changing and people can look to each
other to have fun, build community and do it closer to home. This is
a Prom you won’t want to miss! For more info, go to or call 686 6761.

Prom Committee includes River Road Community Organization, Whiteaker
Community Council, GEARS Bike Club and the City of Eugene.

Other groups will be participating include skinner city farm, whiteaker
community garden, eugene stream team, heron pond restoration, nlc committee
on sustainability, lane county historical museum codogen park team, nice, emerald time exchange, permaculture guild, walama restoration project
even more-

Actors in period costumes from Eugene’s Pioneer days, at Skinner Cabin near Discovery Playground in Skinner Butte Park

Two mini bike tours – visit green properties near the bike path, grass to garden, solar, rain water catchment, roof top ag, chickens,,,,,,,,

1 PM Meet at River House for a short tour of near to the bike path green properties.
2:30 PM Meet at Heron Pond for a short tour of near to the bike path green properties.

Music at Maurie Jacobs Park

Here are the sites, most of them with hosts to explain the site

Codogen Park – where the bike path merges into Copping Street – a good neighbors initiative to plant trees and take care of them with plans for an educational tree trail and path thru the park to the river bike path. Site hosted part of the time for the Prom.

Heron Pond Restoration – located near where Arbor ends at the Greenway,,, again, neighbor power, and initiative – removing invasive species and replanting with natives, work parties. Site hosted for the Prom and Prom Day work party.

Rasor Park/Rasor Mixed Use Center [MUC] – citizen action saved this 7 acres from being “developed” with an indoor soccer facility and large parking lot, now to be left mostly undeveloped with some natives replanted. Rasor Park and Rasor MUC. Site hosted for the Prom by River Road Community Organization and Friends of Rasor Park

Rasor MUC – a public process to try to guide future redevelopment of Lower River Road into a neighborhood scale mixed use center with products and services that will allow residents to buy more of what they need within walking or bike distance to reduce use of cars. Rasor MUC maps, explanation. Rasor site to include an installed art exhibit with paintings by Jan Spencer hanging from the large tree.

Greenway Restoration Site, in Maurie Jacobs Park – Walama Restoration Project and City of Eugene Stream Seam, endorsed by Whiteaker Community Council – removal of exotic species and replanting with natives to recreate a riparian forest. Site hosted for the Prom

Whiteaker Community Garden, largest of the city’s community gardens, a wonderful garden and program for making space available for people to garden and grow food. Site hosted for the prom.

River House, Eugene Recreation Program offices, community garden, compost exhibit. several groups will be tabling here such as master gardeners, several city departments, permaculture. Site hosted for the Prom

Owens Rose Garden is a beautiful 8 1/2 acre site just west of the I 105 Bridge over the Willamette. There are over 450 varieties of rose bushes, a pergola, gazebo many native and decorative plants and a giant historic cherry tree.

Skinner City Farm is a community garden just east of I 105. It was conceived by the Center for Appropriate Transport. The Farm provides a place for both individuals and groups to have space to grow vegetables and to learn related skills. There is an impressive worm composting facility on site. Site hosted for the Prom

Skinner Butte Columns, The Columns, located at the west end of Skinners Butte, are the remains of an old basalt quarry that has become a popular place for rock climbing.

River Play Discovery Village, This site in Skinner Butte Park, is an impressive playground that includes not only swings and slides but also a replica of old Eugene, a miniature Willamette River and a Kalapuya summer dwelling. Site hosted for the Prom with Bike and Pedestrian info and Historical Characters at nearby Skinner Cabin

Skinner Cabin, Located in Skinner Butte Park, the Cabin is a partial size replica of pioneer Eugene Skinners Cabin. Actors in period costume recreate pioneer days in Eugene.

Chesire Prairie, Located between Skinner Butte and the River, Chesire Prairie is a former mowed area returning to a natural state to help create a wildlife corridor between the Butte and the River.

Campbell Senior Center, The Center, located at the end of High Street, is a favorite for seniors offering a wide variety of cultural and leisure services with facilities for art, computer lab, excursions and much more.

Activity Centers on the Bike Path

Maurie Jacobs Park, The cement pad – Music organized by Whiteaker Community Council. groups tabling; WCC, GEARS Bike Club, NICE, Emerald Time Exchange,,,,,,,,

River House, Information- City Parks Volunteers, Master Gardeners, Permaculture, Exhibit – History of Eugene Bike Paths,,,,,,,

Rasor Park in River Road – River Road Community Organization, Rasor Park, Rasor MUC, art exhibit, spontaneous add ons,,,,,,

River Play – Discovery Village in Skinner Butte Park – City of Eugene Bike and Pedestrian Program, exhibit on the history of the bike path, and nearby Skinner Cabin with actors in period costume, plus story telling from pioneer days,,,,,,

please join us!!