LRAPA “Seneca Cogeneration Plant” Informational Meeting April 2nd

LRAPA “Seneca Cogeneration Plant” Informational Meeting
April 2nd, Time 7:00 – 9:00 PM
American Red Cross Building, 862 Bethel Drive, Eugene

LRAPA Board Meeting
April 15th, Time 12:15PM
1010 Main Street, Springfield


An Air Contaminant Discharge Facility
Seneca Sustainable Energy, LLC
Eugene, Oregon
Has applied for a Lane Regional Air Protection Agency
Construction Air Contaminant Discharge Permit
(Number 207460)

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) is providing a 21-day notice of an informational public meeting to describe the application for the proposed Seneca Congeneration Power Plant project and LRAPA’s permit review process. You are welcome to attend and submit your questions and give us your comments on relevant air quality issues. Additional notice and opportunity to comment will be provided upon completion of LRAPA’s review of the permit application, anticipated in Summer 2009.

The Public Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2009, from 7:00 pm to 9:00pm at the American Red Cross Building located at 862 Bethel Drive, Eugene. All interested parties may attend the public meeting to receive information and have the opportunity to submit questions regarding the Construction ACDP for Seneca Sustainable Energy, LLC.

Seneca Sustainable Energy, LLC (SSE) is proposing to construct and operate a new cogeneration power plant North of Eugene, Oregon. The project site is located in an industrial zoned property just South of E. Enid Road and East of Highway 99. The power plant will be constructed to the North of and adjacent to the existing sawmill facility owned and operated by Seneca Sawmill Company.

Activity at the facility’s cogeneration power plant will consist of a wood fired boiler and steam turbine/generator.

The facility is located in a designated nonattainment area for PM10. More information on this facility will be available at the public meeting.

Written comments can be submitted to LRAPA Permit Coordinator, 1010 Main Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477 or E-Mail: