River Road Green Team

The River Road Community Organization now has its own eco sub committee – The River Road Green Team.

There is an increasing interest in reducing our individual, family and community environmental foot prints and that is what the Green Team is about.

Its also about making friends, building community here in River Road and service to the neighborhood.

The Green Team will facilitate connecting people in the neighborhood with similar interests, it will organize workshops and projects, provide educational outreach to various neighborhood organizations like schools and churches.

Global trends relating to climate, energy, the environment and international relations all clearly point to the wisdom of living more within what planet earth can sustain. There is enormous potential to take care of more of our needs closer to home in ways that benefit ourselves, families, our neighbors, the environment and can help bring about a more peaceful world.

And have a lot more fun closer to where we live!

For more information, contact Jan Spencer, 686 6761.

Join us for Perma Jam III, starting at noon, September 20. An opportunity to see what a typical River Road suburban property can look like after eight years of thoughtful redesign and work. PJ includes a tour of on site projects to make better use of on site assets. We will look at grass to garden, solar design, reclaiming automobile space, rain water catchment, food, permaculture in the neighborhood and much more. This is a really great way to come up with ideas for how you can make changes where you live! For more info, go to www.suburbanpermaculture.org

Friday, October 3, 7 PM will be a Green Team social at Jan’s house. We will have a veggie potluck, socialize and talk about what visions we have for the neighborhood. Please join us.

For info about Perma Jam III and the Green Team, contact Jan at 686 6761 or e mail him at spencerj@efn.org

Item below posted earlier.

Great news! There is a new committee within the Neighborhood Leadership Council. It’s focus is about living more eco logically. The first meeting had representatives from seven different neighborhood organizations including River Road.

Many more people in Eugene and all over the country are are becoming more concerned with the volatile economy and increases in the cost of gasoline and food. The two are closely related because our food system is remarkably dependent on cheap fossil fuels. There are many actions people can take at home and in their own lives so we can live more within what planet earth can accommodate. Many of those actions include lifestyles closer to home.

The new neighborhood “green” commitee is working on its mission statement. Committee goals will be to offer a city-wide forum for exchange of ideas and to empower action relating to living more eco logically. The subcommittee will also work to bring diverse community groups together for positive eco logical initiatives.

This is an exciting development in our neighborhoods. The neighborhood program is a perfect place for bringing together the ideas and the many existing community organizations that can work together for greening Eugene. There are many collaborations to be made between neighborhood organizations, existing nonprofits, schools, scouts, service groups and communities of faith.

Neighborhood meetings are open to the public and newcomers are welcome. Greening the neighborhood is a wonderful way to meet your neighbors and take positive action in many ways. RRCO meets the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Annex, a block north of Goodwill on River Road. If meetings are not for you, you can connect with RRCO by calling one of the chairs or going to the website. Both contacts are listed here in the newsletter.

“Greening the Neighborhood” discussion and film series recently completed the winter and spring schedule. There were many great discussions and new friendships made. Discussions included a wide range of topics but always returned to what can we do to live more eco logically. Keep watch in the Fall Park District catalog for a listing for a monthly green discussion group. You can also call Jan at 686-6761 for information about the green discussions or other neighborhood green topics. More info, 686-6761 spencerj@efn.org. Photos and explanations of Jan’s suburban permaculture project are at http://www.suburbanpermaculture.org