Land Use Issues in River Road

By Julie Schaum and Marilyn Mohr

You may have noticed or even received notice lately of new residential infill development in your neighborhood. Infill development is new residential construction in established areas of the city. Infill development has greatly increased due to growth pressures and because it is one solution to achieve greater density within Eugene’s current Urban Growth Boundary. Done well, infill development should maintain the stability, positive character, quality, natural resources, and livability of our residential neighborhoods.

River Road’s large lots and remaining open spaces are being sought after for development. There are currently around 150 newly platted lots available for single family homes, proposed in flag lot partitions of up to 3 lots, or subdivisions ranging from 4 lots to 46 lots.

Here are some things you can do to help insure a proposed new subdivision is compatible with your neighborhood. Review the notice you receive in the mail or see posted in your neighborhood. Consider if the proposed density, character and quality of the homes fit your neighborhood. Will traffic impacts such as vehicular flow, parking and emergency access be properly addressed? Are there efforts to preserve as many trees as possible? How is stormwater proposed to be treated and are the natural waterways and drainages, unique to the River Road area, being preserved?

Also, new to the City of Eugene’s website, you can locate infill developments as they are proposed in River Road. Go to Click on Land Use Applications under City Quick Links on the left side of the page. Contact City of Eugene planners or RRCO if you have questions or comments.

We can all help to make sure our coveted neighborhoods grow preserving the characteristics that we desire.