River Road Meeting November 12, 2012

River Road Community Organization
Executive Board Meeting
November 8, 2012; 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
River Road Annex, 1055 River Road


7:00 Call the meeting to order

Public Comment
Evergreen Housing project – comments from neighbors
1. November 12, Noon (comments to City Manager) – recommendation by City Manager regarding tax credits for Evergreen Housing development; November 26 – City Council votes on development; potential hearing on November 19
December 10 – RRCO Holiday Dessert Potluck – Kira
County Commissioners on pulling Coal Train item off of agenda (October 17)
City Council resolution on Coal Trains – Hillary Kittleson
EPD Crime prevention meeting – October 24 & upcoming meeting in Santa Clara – November 15, 7:00 p.m., Messiah Lutheran Church, 3280 River Road; Crime stats for RR for 2011 and 2012 will be presented again.
SCRROL newsletter – Did you receive a copy in your mailbox?
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Other announcements

7:30 RRCO Board work

Adopt minutes from prior meetings: September 10 and October 8
Land Use activities (30 minutes); Housing Policy Bd. review of Housing Dispersal Policy
SCRRIPT Team – Meet November 26 at 5:30. Does anyone want to serve on the team in general or as a member of a subgroup on land use, transportation, governance, parks and recreation, and crime abatement? Potential members: Jon, Carleen, Bev, Kate, Ray, Jan Halverson, Hillary Kittleson, Steve Lehman, Sarai (10 minutes)
Tuula’s Board seat – Can she serve as a member in absentia? (10 minutes)
Recruiting for new board members for March 2013 elections: Who plans to re-up in 2013? Terms end for Tuula, Will, Carleen, Jon, and Michael. (10 minutes)
Holiday Dessert Planning – Who will volunteer to do what? (20 minutes)
National Night Out – August 6 – RRCO and SCCO working together/SCRRIPT – Who wants to work on this? (10 minutes)
Newsletter/postcard ?? for Holiday Dessert Potluck – Deadline for City: 11/19
Other promotional possibilities – Dec. – Holiday Dessert Potluck; Jan. 14 – Board on SCRRIPT or Terri Harding about how to do area planning; ? Feb 11 – Terri Harding if not available in Jan; other topic; March – Election of Board members (what topic do we want to feature while the ballot counting occurs); April – ; May – June
Funding photocopying
Coal Trains position – Who else should we send it to?
Goodwill closure: seeking a natural food store
9:00 Adjourn