Update on Evergreen Housing Site Plan

Below is a letter from Andrew Brand of Evergreen Housing

For your reference here are some Residential Zone Development Standards (Table 9.2750 of the Eugene Code)
Maximal Building Height in R-1 (Low Density Residential Zone): 30 Ft.
Maximal Building Height in R-2 (Medium Density Residential Zone): 35 Ft.
Minimum Building Interior Yard Setback for both Zones (unless solar standards apply): 5 ft.
Maximum Fence Height within Interior Yard Setbacks for Both Zones: 6 ft (42” in front yard)

I also did a quick sketch of sight angles at six feet height at the property edge (you should do your own calculations).

It appears that a 30’ building on the south edge 42’ away at the current setback is at a lower angle than a typical 2 story building (24’ tall) at 20 feet away (the previous setback)

On the north edge where a solar setback applies, a 30’ building 34.5 feet away (building #3) is at approximately the same angle as a 24’ building 20 feet away. Buildings 1 and 2 are further away from the property line than building #3. Building #4 is 29 ft from the property line but its location appears constrained by a shorter lot depth.

The west edge of the property has a parking lot between the property line and the buildings so they are the furthest from the property line.

Building #9 (adjacent to River Road) appears about 25’ to 30’ from the property to the south on River Road and again appears constrained by lot depth.

Building #13 (easternmost building on south end) is 10’7 from the other property on River Road.


From: Andrew Brand
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 4:44 PM
To: Jon Belcher


I wanted to share an update on our site plan for the River Road project with you and the neighborhood.

At the meetings earlier this week it was clear that many neighbors are not happy with our three story buildings along the edges of the site and the setbacks of those buildings from the south side of the site. As I stated in an earlier phone call, I did run our financial model with a scenario where all the buildings along the south side of the site would only be two stories in height. This creates a project that is just not financially viable for our lenders and investors. However, we are able to double the amount of setback from the south property line without having any impact on our project feasibility.

There is now a 42 foot setback from the south property line to the buildings. Considering our buildings are only 30 feet high I think this will create a better transition between the single story homes and our three story building. It is a big, positive, change from the previous 20 foot setbacks. In between the south property line and the south buildings we are planning to put in some more garden p-patch areas for residents’ quiet use and enjoyment.

This new plan actually gives us less impervious surface area and more open space on the site. Increasing the open space is better for our design and, I hope, it will be better for the neighbors.

We will continue to pursue the native planting landscape plan with non-herbicide maintenance, increased tree buffers along the south side of the site (where the code permits and where existing mature trees do not already exist) and a cedar fencing option along the perimeter of the site where neighboring properties abut our site.

There is a lot of final cost bidding and code issues to go through before I can say these other improvements and changes will be 100% accomplished. But, I am sincere about pursuing these changes and making them happen.

I know these few changes will not sway many neighbor’s opinions about our overall project. I do hope that our setback change and other improvements mentioned above can create a better transition for the neighbors along the property line of the site and a better overall project.


Andrew Brand
Director of Development
Evergreen Housing Development Group, LLC