From Jan – Lots coming up in River Road

From Jan


Lots coming up in River Road!

This Sunday, August 12 – Village Market

11 to 3 at 805 Horn Lane, The market is in the back yard. Ride a bike if you can. Park on Maple if you drive. We had a great time a month ago. Could be some veggies for sale, some useful crafts, qi gong instruction, music, lots of mix and mingle, tour the property, pizza from the wood oven, brew, find out more what’s happening in the neighborhood. Its a big garden party with a purpose.

Note, help set up for the Village Market from 4 to 5 Saturday at 805 Horn. Its fun!

August 17, Friday – Veggie Potluck at Jan’s,

6:30 to whenever, 212 Benjamin. bikes preferred, park cars on the street. Mix and mingle, tour Jan’s property, lots to see. Please bring your own service and utensils, veggie dish to share, drinks. Great to have main dishes, salads, deserts, side dishes. Even better what you have grown at home.

August 19, Sunday – Filbert Fest

3 to 6 at the Filbert Grove along the bike path at the end of McClure. Bring a dish to share, blanket, chairs, your own utensils and service. See what has been accomplished this summer as we restore the filbert grove. Its an ambitious project with a lot more to do,, and its a great story.

September 22, 23 – April – – Neighborhood Permaculture Design Course

WOW! This is great to have an opportunity to learn about permaculture and how it can be a powerful tool for transforming our own properties and neighborhood. Would be wonderful to see many people from River Road take the course, one weekend per month from September to April.

Permaculture is a system of design principles for taking care of more needs closer to where we live in ways that are inherently people and planet friendly. Its design principles can apply in scale from home to neighorhood to bio region and can be used for gardens, economic systems, culture and more. Its a powerful tool to help address the challenges we all face in today’s uncertain world.

Eugene is a permaculture hot spot. Various organizations offer permaculture courses in the area and one of the most popular parts of the courses is a site tour of River Road. Yes, people come from Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Austin, San Diego, Denver, Mexico, Toronto, Seattle, Ireland, Australia, Key West, Dallas, Calgary, Portland, Bay Area, LA – and many other places — have all toured sites in River Road. We have enolrmous potentials right here where we live and this permaculture course will make good use of great educational tools to help our neighorhood become greener, more resilient, safer, more secure and more fun.

The village market, filbert grove, social occasions, bike tours, work parties, the permaculture course itself,,,,,, are all part of permaculture ideals applied to the neighborhood.

Note – we are offering group discounts to make the course as affordable as we can. Residents of River Road are a group. Here’s more about the course >>>