RRCO News January 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

River Road Community Organization


1. Thank you to River Road businesses who donated gift certificates to the RRCO Holiday Dessert Potluck
2. RRCO General & Board Meeting – January 9 – Eugene Police representative – info, Questions & Answers

3. RRCO Board meeting – February 13
4. RRCO General Meeting – March 12 – Board Elections
5. RRCO General Meeting – April 9 – Possible candidate forum
6. Neighborhood Watch – Contact Carleen Reilly sign up to help start up NW groups and for RRCO Police Alerts via e-mail
7. Contact Jon Belcher (jbelcher@efn.org) for more information or to be added to the RRCO bike/ped mailing list.
8. Land Use Applications for River Road area

9. Solarize Eugene

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The River Road Community Organization has many thank yous to hand out to the River Road businesses who donated gift certificates to use as door prizes at the December Holiday Dessert Potluck. They were received with great excitement.

Packages of Grizzlie’s Granola from Wildtime Foods
Three certificates for dog baths at Muddy Paws
$10 coffee gift card from Global Delights
5 permaculture posters and an hour tour of Jan Spencer’s property applying permaculture principles
$50 certificate from Sperry Tree Care for pruning
Bike tune up from Mr. Klink’s Cycles

When you visit these businesses, please thank them for sharing and for their interest in the River Road neighborhood.

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RRCO General and Board meeting
January 9, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
River Road Annex, 1055 River Road

During the first part of the meeting, a representative from the Eugene Police Department will provide some information, listen to your concerns, and answer questions. With the prevalent burglaries in our neighborhood, concerns about graffiti along the bikepath and local streets, and our budding efforts to set up Neighborhood Watch groups, this forum will allow us to ask questions and learn how we can make our neighborhood safer. Increased police services would be nice, but we also have to be prepared to do everything we can for ourselves before we bring in additional police.

The Board meeting will focus on funding for newsletters; next steps for SCRROL work–such as outreach to Latinos, North Eugene High School; bike/ped feedback from neighbors; land use applications and our responses, and preparations for Board elections in March and potential candidate forum in April.

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RRCO Board meeting
February 13, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
River Road Annex, 1055 River Road

Finalize preparations for Board elections in March. Follow up on other items from January and address new emerging items.

– – – – – – – – –

RRCO General meeting – Board Elections
March 12, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
River Road Annex, 1055 River Road

We have four Board members whose terms will end. If you have an interest in taking on a leadership role in the neighborhood, please contact us to obtain more information. Jon Belcher and Carleen Reilly are always available, but any RRCO Board member can help you with additional information. The website is a good place to start: www.riverroadco.org.

RRCO General meeting – A potential candidate forum
April 9, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
River Road Annex, 1055 River Road

Several non-partisan races will have a great impact on our neighborhood: City Councilor, Mayor, and County Commissioner. We need to determine which one we can effectively cover.

Neighborhood Watch Network for River Road.

Please contact at carleenr@gmail.com if you want to be placed on the Police Alert list. Messages are sent when River Road neighbors have a break in or other criminal behavior is observed. We are seeking additional neighbors to set up Neighborhood Watch groups. We are collecting recommendations of contractors who specialize in making homes more secure and vendors who provide security tips, equipment and techniques. Let us know if there are any you recommend.

Here is the web address to learn about Lane County Neighborhood Watch.


Information about the City of Eugene’s Neighborhood Watch is on their website. Follow the webpages to Police, Crime Prevention, and Neighborhood Crime Prevention.
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Land Use Applications

A new year has arrived, and applications to the City of Eugene for changes in Land Use are being filed.

On Monday, January 23, at 7:30, W. Dickinson Properties will be appearing before the City Council to address the annexation of two lots. One lot fronts River Road (between McClure Ln and Oakleigh Ln), and the second lot is directly behind it. The File Number is A 11-1.
Another proposed project would be located on a lot on River Road where it intersects with Park Ave. The project is called Greenway Apartments. Several River Roaders will be meeting with the builder to learn more about the project.
All land use applications can be found on the City of Eugene website under Planning & Development/Planning. You can search the Application Database several ways, one of which is to go to the neighborhood (River Road Community Organization) and click on the search button. (Eight applications came up with this search.)
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The Santa Clara-River Road Outreach and Learning project completed their outreach phase and is working on a report of those activities. A preliminary report was presented at the November RRCO meeting. We hope to have a final report available in January. We are working on a new task team to carry out the work that our neighbors have asked us to advance. Contact Jerry Finigan at jerry@scrrol.org, check out our website http://www.scrrol.org or our SCRROL Facebook page for more information.

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Regular meetings of RRCO are USUALLY the Second Monday of each month. All RRCO meetings are open to the public with a public comment period at each meeting. Contact RRCO Co-Chairs Jon Belcher or Carleen Reilly if you have questions or need more information. Please reply to this e-mail if you wish to be deleted from this e-mail list.

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Solarize Eugene
Solarize Eugene is a community driven, bulk purchase program for solar electric and hot water systems run by The Resource Innovation Group and funded by EWEB’s Greenpower program. The City of Eugene is supporting our outreach efforts. Other Solarize programs across the state have successfully increased the number of solar installations and decreased the cost of solar, due in large part to the community involvement with the program.

There is a January 11th volunteer info session, and enrollment in the program will open in April.

Contact Sarah Mazze to obtain a flyer, read an article, or ask questions about this exciting opportunity

Program Manager
Climate Leadership Initiative
The Resource Innovation Group (TRIG)
Phone: (541) 654-4052
website http://solarizeeugene.info/

Carleen Reilly, Co-Chair
River Road Community Organization
395 Marion Ln.