RRCO Charter Proposed New Changes – Passed!

RRCO Charter: Proposed Revisions for March 8, 2010 meeting vote

The proposed changes did pass at the March 8, 2010 RRCO meeting!


Proposed RRCO Charter changes

RRCO’s General Membership approved various changes to our organizational charter in December, including a new article on Finances and some wording changes throughout the document, largely for clarification. Now, a few additional changes are being proposed, after review by City of Eugene Neighborhood Services staff.

The new changes include modifications to the description of our neighborhood’s geographic boundary to correct some errors, and some additions and clarifications in the article on Publications and Website.

RRCO’s General Membership must vote to approve any charter changes.
The proposed changes were introduced at RRCO’s February Executive Board meeting, and the board agreed to forward proposed changes to the membership for a vote at the March General Membership meeting.

Follow this link to view the markup version of the current charter with the proposed changes noted.