RRCO & SCCO Presenting to Lane County Comm. 2/3/2010

RRCO and SCCO are invited to present to Lane County Commissioners
The Lane County Commissioners have invited Jolene Siemsen (Co-Chair River Road Community Organization), and Jerry Finigan (Chair, Santa Clara Community Organization) to present and comment on the findings of the River Road/Santa Clara Transition project, completed in 2006.

They are interested in the goals that were established from the project and how they might be approached in the future. Lisa Gardner, Planning Director from the City has also been asked to attend. This may be a rare opportunity for the County and the City to work together for the welfare of our communities.
This is an open public session and all are welcome to attend and audit the discussion. If you’re interested, it will be at Harris Hall (County Courthouse) at 11 a.m. Wednesday Feb 3.