Who to call for crisis help

Who to call for crisis help

In response to the recent tragic death of Jeanette Maples in our neighborhood, River Road Community Organization members raised many thoughtful questions at a recent meeting. How can a tragedy like this happen without the awareness of serious problems in a home nearby? What prevents us from taking action? What can we change in the community environment and what resources are available to better address and prevent abuse, harassment or bullying?

At a local level, Neighborhood Watch groups, block parties, garden parties, and getting acquainted with neighbors can help provide additional awareness and even a possible safety net for someone in trouble. On a larger scale, our tax money supports public safety, education, and drug treatment programs, proven programs that help prevent abuse.

Neighbors need to report each and every suspicion of abuse. Do not hesitate to call. Maybe the next report to the Department of Human Services would have been the one that got Jeanette Maples out of the house. The child abuse hotline is 541-686-7555.

If you feel your anger is out of control and you are at risk of hurting someone, please ask for help now. Community resources for overwhelmed parents include the Relief Nursery, Birth to Three Parent Helpline at 541-485-5211, or the Crisis Response Team at 1-888-989-9990. We encourage neighbors to educate themselves about abuse and community resources, to report possible problems, and to get acquainted with one another. These actions will go a long way toward creating a healthy community and preventing tragic outcomes.

Carleen Reilly Co-chair

River Road Community Organization