City Offers Matching Grants for Neighborhood Projects, Events

The following was clipped from the City of Eugene’s web site.

The City of Eugene has released a request for proposals (RFP) seeking applications for grants for neighborhood physical improvement projects or one-time neighborhood-building activities. Neighborhood Matching Grants are available for projects such as playground improvements, community gardens, and neighborhood events.

Proposals will be accepted from groups of people who live, work, or own property within the area affected by the grant. City funds requested must be matched by at least the same amount of cash donations, donated materials and supplies, or volunteer labor. Grant requests for amounts between a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $25,000 will be considered. The value of the total project may not exceed $50,000. Grant applications must be endorsed by the respective neighborhood association. A citizen advisory committee rates the applications based on tangible neighborhood benefit, community involvement, and project readiness. Project sites are not required to be on property within City of Eugene limits, but must be within the Urban Growth Boundary.

Fourteen projects were funded in 2007. The Eugene City Council resumed funding the popular community-building program this year, after budget reductions caused it to be discontinued from 2004 through 2007. The Council has allocated $50,000 per year for the program through fiscal year 2009.

Grant packets are available on the City’s web site,, and also at the Permit and Information Center (Atrium Building-99 West 10th Ave.), City Hall, the downtown, Bethel and Sheldon branch libraries and all community centers. The deadline for a required preliminary review is February 25, 2008. Final applications are due on March 31, 2008. Awards will be announced in May 2008. For more information about the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program, contact Michael Kinnison, Planning and Development Department, 682-5009, or