RRCO Monthly Meeting November 16th, 2009

River Road Community Organization
Monday, Oct 19, 2009; 7:00-9:00
River Road Park Annex-1055 River Road

Public Comment: 10 minutes

1) Volunteer recruitment: 15 minutes

Meeting Set Up/Take Down


Publications: Web site, Newsletter, E-News editing, design, review, upkeep

RRR!!!??? and/or Neighborhood Celebration

Land Use Team

Outreach: Business, Neighborhood Watch, CERT, Master Gardeners, Churches, Schools

2) Charter Review and approval of draft document: 15 minutes

3) Board Reports: NLC/NEI, Seneca, Transportation corridor planning, land use update: Church of God app, other?, RR/SC Stormwater Basin plan, Beltline Redesign, Green Team: 40 minutes

4) RRR!???: 10 minutes

5) Planning for December Holiday Dessert Potluck: 10 minutes

6) New Board Member Recruitment: 10 minutes

7) Tentative Calendar Items for 2010: 10 minutes

January: Meeting Cancelled (MLK Birthday) ?? Board retreat?

February: ??RRR!!! or other?

March: General Meeting, Board Elections, Feature: Master Gardeners/ Election issue

April: Candidates forum/Ballot Update: ?? joint with SCCO?

May: Board Work Session

June: ?? Police Auditor? Neighborhood Watch and Safety?

If you need a ride or childcare, please contact jolenesiemsen@gmail.com

For more info, call 686-6761 or email spencerj@efn.org