Community Resilience Festival
The Community Resilience Festival is a day long event on August 24th, 2019 that will be fun, educational and timely. Its all about reducing our ecological footprints and building positive community culture. The event will show and tell projects, actions, allies and assets we have in Eugene and the southern Willamette Valley for creating more green and resilient homes, lifestyles, city and region.

Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET)
NET identifies areas in the neighborhood that could use enhancement. To encourage positive social use, we were awarded a city HRNI matching grant to install seating, an information kiosk, trash receptacle, and portable stage on the West Bank path at Hilliard.

Homeless Advocacy
The Homeless Advocacy Committee is our neighborhood liaison to efforts addressing the needs of the unhoused. We want creative solutions that benefit the whole community.

Green and Resilient Initiative
Suburban Permaculture
In the River and Garden district, the Green and Resilient Neighborhood Committee educates and organizes collaborative neighborhood efforts that reduce our eco-footprints and prepare for natural disasters. Learn about producing food, water, and energy close to home. Sharing knowledge and labor is a good way to get to know each other.

Greenway Projects In The River Road Neighborhood (PDF Slideshow – 10mb)

What does a 9.0 earthquake look like?

Community Emergency Response Team has regular free training for residents.