RRCO Response to the Proposed Schmitz Homeplace Tentative PUD.

Lydia McKinney
City of Eugene Planning Division
Re: Schmitz Homeplace Tentative PUD
December 19, 2007

Dear Ms. McKinney,

I am writing on behalf of the River Road Community Organization (RRCO) Board, in response to the proposed Schmitz Homeplace Tentative PUD.

After meeting with the owners of the property and the developers, as well as taking comments from neighbors, the RRCO Board has the following comments and suggestions.

First, we appreciate the fact that the owner and the developers have been willing to meet on several occassions with both the board and with the public regarding this PUD. We understand that there have already been modifications to the PUD, based on this previous input. In this spirit, we hope that some of our concerns and proposals can still be incorporated into the final plans.

The primary issues with this PUD seem to revolve around traffic management and impact on the neighborhood. To that end, it has been proposed that

1) Stop signs be installed at the corners of Harvey and Hatton at intersections with Evergreen.

2) Consider again the installation of a traffic light at Hatton and River Road, to facilitate both vehicular and pedestrian access. This will encourage routing of traffic onto River Road directly, and away from Evergreen and Howard (where there is a traffic signal). Please consider that there are two schools located west of this development on Howard Ave, and many children walk this road morning and afternoon. Adding traffic to Howard Ave. will create additional dangers for these young pedestrians.

3) Add traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, at both the north and south ends of the development, on Evergreen Lane. Speed bumps would make Evergreen Lane a safer street as it would discourage Schmitz Homeplace residents from using Evergreen. Residents entering and exiting the PUD would be more encouraged to use the Hatton Ave. access to River Road, as intended.

4) Protect current neighbors from future assessments for road improvements, which will most likely be needed as a result of degradation due to increased traffic. Future road improvements should include neighborhood input regarding design.

Thank you for adding our recommendations for consideration as this project moves forward. Please continue to inform us of any changes and activity that transpires.


Jolene Siemsen
RRCO Board, co-chair
190 Hawthorne Ave
Eugene, OR 97404

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